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What is a geopark?

The Geopark proposes to encourage the development of communities inserted in its territory through actions aimed at encouraging geoeducation, the implementation of geotouristic activities and the preservation of geological heritage.


“Geoparks are not just stones, they are people and it is crucial that they are involved in the process of creation, affirmation and development of these projects.

We want to see as many people walk around the Geopark territory and appreciate the geology of the area.

Our goal is to maximize Geotourism (…) benefiting the local economy and helping people understand the evolution of their local landscape”

(Chris Woodley-Stuart, North Pennines AONB Geopark, UK)

A geopark is a territory with...

…a unique geological heritage of international importance

But also with….

…a sustainable development strategy involving local communities.



Geoparks in Brazil

Brazil already has three UNESCO geoparks:



Araripe Geopark

Southern Canyons Geopark

Seridó Geopark

Caçapava Geopark

Quarta Colônia Geopark

geoparks of brazil logomarcas.png
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