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  • Identidade Visual | Geoparquechapadadosg

    Our logo The logo created for the Chapada dos Guimarães Geopark project has a concept that involves aspects present in the geopark: geomorphology, geology, paleontology and archeology. ​ Learn more about the logo by reading theWork on the Visual Identity of the Geopark. Download The file below has the horizontal and vertical logos of the Chapada dos Guimarães Geopark, in green color with no background, in .png format ​​ ​ Download

  • Histórico | Geoparquechapadadosg

    Historic The Chapada dos Guimarães Geopark began its history in 2011 with studies by the Brazilian Geological Survey and became part of the set of geopark proposals for the country published in the form of a Book by CPRM in 2012. Discover the history of the Geopark in the figure below: ​ Our story

  • Rota dos dinossauros e diamantes | Geoparquechapadadosg

    Route of dinosaurs and diamonds Discover here the geosites that have dinosaur fossils and those where diamonds have already been found. Mining of the Slave - Cachoeira Rica The geosite is located in the community of Cachoeira Rica, which is located 31 km away from the municipal seat. Access is via an unpaved road and during the journey the visitor can observe the Fecho do Morro and ruiform features of the Botucatu Formation. In the community there is a restaurant, cafeteria and parking. The Garimpo da Script geosite is linked to the history of the discovery and extraction of diamonds in Mato Grosso, being one of the first places where mineral activity was developed in the 1820s. of electricity production in the state of Mato Grosso. Salvador mining ​ Access to this geosite is via the MT-020 towards the Água Fria District, 33 km away from the municipal headquarters. In the locality there is a restaurant, snack bar, supermarket and gas station. The Salvador mine is located in the urban perimeter, has parking and has light and short trails. Mr. Salvador, owner of the property, presents information about the mining, in addition to demonstrating how the process to find diamonds is done. The mining is integrated with historical elements, such as the old routes that connected the sesmarias to Vila de Cuiabá, the march of Coluna Prestes. Papaya Passage Volcanism The geosite is located on the sidelines of the MT-020, approximately 50 km from the municipal seat. The easily accessible location has parking space, some grocery stores and a snack bar. In the district of Água Fria you can find a gas station and a restaurant. There is no established visitation policy on site. The integration between different types of elements, and between different types of rocks, make this geosite an excellent location for field classes, highlighting the contacts between the formations and the record of magmatism. The local biodiversity is reasonably preserved with abundant fauna and flora typical of cerradão areas and gallery forests. Pingador waterfall Access to the Cachoeira Pingador geosite is located 3 km after the Água Fria district, where it follows an unpaved road for 13 km, until the reception of the attraction located at the headquarters of the owner farm. The small trail to the waterfall is easily accessible and shaded. There is an archaeological site on site, with poorly preserved cave inscriptions and a shelter excavated during the archaeological rescue carried out during the construction of the Manso Power Plant. Geladeira Circuit Along Estrada do Garimpo, which connects the municipality of Chapada do Guimarães to the community of Cachoeira Rica, converging to the right on a side road, you will find the reception and parking of the geosite. In the place there are two waterfalls whose access is facilitated by a short and sloping trail. The site is open all year round, from 9 am to 5 pm. The closest cafeteria service is the Marimbondo waterfall reception, located 1 km further on the same road.

  • Territory | Geoparquechapadadosg

    Maps Get to know the territory of the Geopark. ​ Conservation units, biosphere reserve and traditional communities Distribution of geosites in relief units (geomorphology) Distribution of geosites in geological units (geology)

  • Entre em contato | Geoparquechapadadosg

    CONTACT Chapada dos Guimaraes, Mato Grosso 65981237819 Name Email Telephone Address Subject Message To send Required to)!

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